libvirt usefull commands – Part 1

In each part will present 5 usefull libvirt commands that are not very popular.

  • Increase memory
  • Attach an extra disk
  • Extra network interface
  • Take screenshot
  • Change vCPU number


Increase memory

virsh setmaxmem <vm_name> 1024M --config && virsh setmem <vm_name> 1024M --config


Attach an extra disk

virsh attach-disk gluster01 /dev/raid_0/gluster01_brick1 vdb --cache none --config 


Extra network interface

virsh attach-interface --domain <vm_name> --type network --source <network> --model virtio --mac 12:23:34:45:56:67 --config


Take screenshot

virsh screenshot <vm_name>


Change vCPU number

virsh setvcpus <vm_name> 4 --config

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